CCD Conference 2022

Fit for the Future?
Together Seeking the Wellbeing of the Community

October 17-20, 2022

Start Monday 17 October at 10 am

End Thursday 20 October at 6 pm

The issue of „future fitness“ has become increasingly urgent in these unprecedented times since we had chosen this title for the postponed conference 2020. How is the pandemic, recent wars and the looming climate crisis affecting us? Are we facing a paradigm shift in our relief and development journey? Though our goal remains the same (we are seeking the well-being of communities), we want to ask tough and challenging questions so as to learn from the past, access the current status well in order to be ready and fit for the future.

Change is exciting but also hard. We can become set in our ways, yet hungering for transformation. The Conference Programme is designed to enable us to address this time of perceiving change together.

A practical change is in the location and venue! We will be in Berlin, the capital of Germany and a helpful reminder that we are in a rapidly urbanising world, carrying the history pain and joys which needs healing and celebrating as well as the hope for a better future.

Overview of the week

The Conference will then run throughout the four days (Monday to Thursday), therefore we recommend an arrival in Berlin by Sunday evening. The session on the last day will end around 6 pm.

We are excited to welcome a team of speakers from our network, who will guide us each day in our morning reflections, exploring what it means biblically and practically to seek the well-being of the community in today’s context.

Each morning we will then delve deeper into current thematic issues of concern faced by practitioners through a variety of plenary presentations, table discussions, interviews and debates.

An inspiring choice of afternoon workshop tracks will give further opportunity to dig deeper into a topic you are particularly interested in. For those who are new and old to Berlin, we are planning an excursion to see local initiatives.

Evening will be all ample time for networking around topics of interest.

After the conference on Friday, we may organise some Sightseeing Options (additional charge) in Berlin for those who plan to stay on, e.g. Spiritual City Tour, Sightseeing Boat Trip, visiting the Bonnhoeffer House. You will have the opportunity to sign up for this during the conference week.

Getting to know our speakers and conference topics

Sally Ababa, Dr Mark Galpin and others – Morning reflections

Minella van BergeijkGlobal and local challenges
What is there to learn from the COVID-crisis? What does Black Lives Matter mean for Christian community development? How do the challenges of our time relate to our faith and our mission?

Dr Anna & Neal HamptonMature Courage in Risky Contexts

Dr Thomas SchmidtBusiness for Transformation (B4T)
A contribution towards sustainable poverty reduction & introduction and lessons learned from a Mission organization stepping into B4T

Dr Deborah Hancox and others– Advocacy in the public square

Dr Ruth ValerioCreation care
Embedding environmental challenges into the operations and responses

Kate Ivara ImasuenHuman Trafficking

and others …

Workshop Tracks

Reaching the least reached (different speakers)

Risk Assessment and management – RAM (Anna Hampton)

We are not the heroes (Jim Harris / Frank Paul)

A Church fit for the future (Deborah Hancox)

Basics of Christian Community Development (Mark Galpin)


Location in Berlin

Baptist Church Schöneberg
Hauptstraße 125 A, 10827 Berlin, Germany

This time each delegate is responsible for his or her own accommodation, breakfast and dinner. Lunch and Hot Drinks during the breaks will be offered at the conference venue. Berlin offers a wide range of affordable accommodations and food.

The following official website of Berlin is a good starting point for searching (Schöneberg, Berlin) accommodations:

For further information about the conference venue, please visit the homepage:

Baptist Church Berlin-Schoenberg

Conference Fees

CCDC Fee regular

250 Euro

CCDC Fee Student

185 Euro

Day Visitor (Lunch and Refreshments included)

80 Euro

For questions you may have

Online registration