Free Resources

Here you can find articles and other resources that came out of former CCD conferences. Many texts are written in German, but there are also a few in English. Click on the respective buttons to download the PDF files.

CCD Conference 2014

CCD Conference 2006

General Materials

Kröck, Thomas & Sayhoun, Karim 2007.
Fortbildung für den ganzheitlichen Dienst: Von der „Arbeitsgemeinschaft Mission und Landwirtschaft“ zur „Christian Community Development Conference“, in Kusch, Andreas (Hg.): Transformierender Glaube, erneuerte Kultur, sozioökonomische Entwicklung.
Nürnberg: VTR, 373–377.

Kröck, T. 2020.
Missional ecclesiology and integral mission: The theological discourse of the Christian Community Development Conferences 2010-2018, in Kessler, V. et al. (ed.): MISSION – Die Welt versöhnen: Festschrift für Johannes Reimer.
Berlin: Lit Verl., 75–86.